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...owned and operated by Buck & Debbie Cowdrey at Starlo's Ranch

    Starlo Ranch is located in the high desert of Central Oregon. 


Buck holding Tianna beside an old wagon; The old original sign for Starlo Ranch; An old covered wagon & Buck


The following is taken from a news article in Capper's January 14, 1997 issue...
     Scottish Highland cattle - the same breed that Queen Elizabeth II owns - will be on display at the National Western Stock Show in Denver Jan. 23-25.
Dating back to the 12th century, the breed is one of the oldest and hardiest in the world.

     Originally there were two distinct classes of Scottish cattle - the slightly smaller and usually black Kyloe, found on the islands off the west coast of northern Scotland, and a larger reddish colored animal found in the remote Highlands. Today both strains are considered one breed. In addition to the red and black
colors, yellow, dun and silver-white are considered traditional coloring for the breed.
     Despite their long horns, the Highlands are very docile and are easily halter broken.  Long hair protects them from the cold and keeps them from developing an extra layer of fat that most other breeds have. These animals offer very lean cuts of meat.


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