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Starlo's Cockapoos in Buff...                        

(Color varies from a silver buff to a dark buff.)

At Starlo's Kennel we strive to produce the finest quality 1st Generation CCA American Cockapoos by breeding AKC Registered Toy Poodle Sires to AKC Registered American Cocker Spaniel Dams.  Check out Starlo's Guarantee, Commitment, Statement and Safety RecommendationsDebbie Cowdrey

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Starlo's Peggy Sue 'n' Starlo's Lil' Red Cinder Male

...at 3 years...

September 11, 2011



Maggie Martinez

Starlo's Duchess 'n' Starlo's BamBam's 3rd Generation Female

Sheila Martinez

September 22, 2011

...after 1st haircut!

Henry Yalcin-Haight

...at 2 years...

Demet Yalcin

March 4, 2009

Read more about Henry over at Starlo's Paw Prints...



Henry Yalcin-Haight

...at four months...

Demet Yalcin

July 6, 2007


Jia Sigona

..."Jia is the best little girl ever!! Of course she's spoiled by everyone. She's been very healthy, with no problems to speak of, and just wants to please. I wouldn't hesitate to get another cockapoo in the future, they are such great dogs for the family. Thanks for breeding such great dogs! I didn't imagine how a big and important part of our family she would become.

Debra Sigona ~ Gilroy, CA

June 18, 2007 

Luke Korman

Starlo's Lil Lilly 'n' Trapper Brown

2nd Generation Little Boy

This picture was taken in the motel room on the way to meet Luke's new family!

Debbie ~ Starlo's Cockapoos

May 16, 2007

Dolly Martinez

Starlo's Candi's Kiss 'n' Jingle Bell's

1st Generation Buff & Apricot Little Girl

She is growing fast! She is a wonderful puppy with a lot of character. She looks like a little angel, but she is a quite a little handful. She has been so much fun, we love her dearly. She just had her last set of puppy vaccinations and she is doing great. She is already 9 pounds...that was last week. She might be 10 now! She has a beautiful coat, when you give her a bath, she is just tiny under all of that hair. She has long legs and big brown eyes and runs so fast you would not believe it.

Sheila Martinez - Tracy, CA

May 6, 2007

Gobi Li

Starlo's Bambi 'n' Bam Bam's

2nd Generation Little Boy

We are so lucky to have Gobi. He is so funny and well behaved.  Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs!

Sophia ~ Alameda, CA

March 13, 2007

Check out The Gobi Li Photo Story on the Watch Them Grow Page!



Starlo's Heidi 'n' Cody's

1st Generation Male

(Brother to Annie & Madeleine below)

Rusty Schmidt

Darla's Jamie Lynne

2nd Generation Male

Rusty lives with his mom and dad, Joy and George Schmidt in Christmas Valley, Or

February 4, 2007

Annie Moyer

Starlo's Heidi 'n' Cody's

1st Generation Female

(Sister to Starlo's Abby & Madeleine Dobbs below)Annie is sweet natured and a wonderful companion to our three daughters ages 7 and twins age 5.  She is a loving and happy dog who loves to play and take walks, but is also content to hang out with me in my office while I work or with the family on the couch while we read or watch t.v.  She is now 27 pounds and the perfect size; she does not shed and we have had no allergy problems.  Annie was easy to train and she likes to please.  She is an absolute delight and we couldn't be happier.

Sarah Moyer, Anchorage, AK

                                                               January 18, 2007

Starlo's Abby

Starlo's Heidi 'n' Cody's

1st Generation Female

(Sister to Annie-above & Madeleine-below)

Webmaster's Note: When I was in Oregon visiting with Debbie before our 4th of July Family Picnic, I met and fell in love with Abby.  She is a sweetheart!

December 29, 2006

Chip Chory

Starlo's Bambi 'n' Bam Bam's

2nd Generation Little Boy

Everyday Chippy makes us laugh at something funny that he does. We are the luckiest family in the world to be rewarded with such a great puppy.

Joanne - Del Mar, CA

December 14, 2006 

Gobi Li

"Just to let you know the water spray worked very well.  It has helped.  Also, he has become very gentle with his mouth.  Things are going very well.  The potty training is going well.  He hangs out with me or Sophia during the day, sleeping or playing with his toys in our office; or in our laps.  Thanks again for your help the other night."
  Tom - October 23, 2006

"Brian's new puppy."  Gobi is a 2nd Generation, buff male born to Starlo's Bambi & Starlo's BamBam.

Thomas Li - Alameda, CA - October 14, 2006

Cody Russ

Enjoy more pictures in Cody's photo albums that his mom has put together for him!

November 6, 2006

"We are absolutely in love with him.  He is the greatest puppy ever."

Dean and Jennifer Russ, CA - August 2, 2006

Watch Cody GROW!!!

Bella Paulazzo*

Bella had her five month birthday October 9 and has been very busy!  She was spayed (very traumatic:-), groomed for the first time, and began obedience classes.  Although she probably is still one of the smallest in her litter, 6.4 lbs last week, she continues to have a strong personality.  In obedience class she is so smart, so smart she still doesn't think she should lay down on command, she is just too cute to do that.  Pretty much hangs out with the labs and hunting dogs during that lesson:-)  No matter where we take her, she is the center of attention.  We are constantly giving out your name.  She is well socialized, plays with small and large dogs and loves people.  We are so fortunate to have her. 

Cindy - October 16, 2006


"Bella is so darn cute I couldn't decide which to send, so I am sending two!"

Cindy - August 1, 2006

* Bella at 5 weeks is our "siggie" girl!  You may have noticed her in our email!

( )

Maddie @ 10 mos clipped for summer.

Madeleine Dobbs

Maddie's parents are Heidi (Standard Poodle) and Cody (Cocker Spaniel) 

(Sister to Starlo's Abby & Annie above)

"A great addition to our family, full of personality and LOVES children, other dogs, adults - life!!" (She is clipped for summer)

Melinda & George Dobbs, San Jose, CA -

July 22, 2006

SHUR's Mini Pearl's boy    Zeus Stegall,  Concord, CA.   STEGALL's Boy         Hanna Rose in Juneau Alaska..she is a first generation..  This is a first generation buff male cockapoo... he lives in Las Vegas Nevada.. his name is Rocky... His parents are Tess/ Oreo..  This is sunny Liang.. from Ca... she is a second generation female.. Snow white and Trapper are her parents..  Sadie lives in Ca.. she is a first generation cockapoo...    Sami.. second generation cockapoo with her owner Dick Paul.. from Upland Ca..   a first generation red/wh female.. her name is Dixie she lives in Madras Or...  Ruby Witz.. she is a first generation red/wh female she lives in Washington  This is a picture of Dewey. He is one of Sophie’s pups, born May 21stThis is a picture of Dewey. He is one of Sophie’s pups, born May 21st    This is our cockapoo Boogie.  He is 3 1/2 months old. Rocky from Las Vegas at 16 weeks old Leo under my desk at work. His name is Rugby Schmidt, 3 months, and he lives in Eagle, Idaho.  Here is a photo of Riley.. he is a first generation red male he lives in Glendale Ca..      Bella, a buff colored, second generation Cockapoo from CA  Sami of Upland CA Sami of Upland CA  a first generation buff male.. his name is Rudy Fisher.. he lives in Las Vagas Nevada..      This photo is of Charlie Arditi. he is a buff first generation male.. he lives in Ca..  Here is a photo of Rocky.. he is  a first generation cockapoo .. he lives In Las Vegas Nevada...     Boogie... 6months old....lives in Texas.....1st generation cockapoo....he is one of Tess & Oreo's pups  AsTheyGrow/max1.jpg 

AsTheyGrow/max2.jpg    Henry with a party hat on at his 2nd birthday party

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