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At Starlo's Kennel we strive to produce the finest quality 1st Generation CCA American Cockapoos by breeding AKC Registered Toy Poodle Sires to AKC Registered American Cocker Spaniel Dams.  Check out Starlo's Guarantee, Commitment, Statement and Safety RecommendationsDebbie Cowdrey


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Pokey Cowdrey

This is a picture of 11 year old Pokey that is posted over on Facebook.

Mary & Keith Cowdrey ~ Sweet Home, OR

March 14, 2009

Breeder's Note: Pokey is a 1st Generation CCA American Cockapoo born on December 15, 1997! What a sweetie!  

Chloe Stallings

Hi Debbie.  Chloe is doing great.  It’s hard to believe we have had her only a week.  Her first vet visit and shots went well.  She never even whimpered. She loves the backyard and she and my cat Benny are slowly getting to know each other...Thanks again.

Liz ~ California

May 17, 2008


Zoe is a soft little bundle of fur and hugs.  Zoe is a sweet little girl with a very playful and loveable disposition. 

How did you hear about Starlo's Cockapoos? From our cockapoo breeder where we got little Zoe and through Zoes' pedigree information.

Marilyn ~ La Palma, CA

May 28, 2007

(Zoe's grandparents and father are Starlo's Cockapoos!) 

Starlo's Cha Cha

Cha Cha and Jim Dandy are best buddies.. They don't get out of each other site.. They sleep , eat, and play together. Cha Cha was a first generation cockapoo I was saving for breeding down the generations.. But she did not meet the standard by the time she was one year old. So we brought her into the house and was going to house train her, then place her with a family, well guess what. Jim Dandy and I decided that she was not going anywhere.. She is the sweetest little girl, such a love bug and constant companion. We all love her to pieces. I have not seen a Cockapoo with such a sense of Humor as she has, she makes us laugh all the time.. She loves her toys and rawhide.

Debbie Cowdrey ~ Starlo's Kennels ~ Christmas Valley, OR

May 2, 2007

Sara Adelman

I know you know but ...........Sara is such a wonderful dog.........she travels so well and I am always getting stopped and asked about her..........she is always right with one of us never misses a thing!  Hope all is well with you and your family!!!

Michelle Adelman ~ Bend, OR

May 2, 2007

Note: Sara is the daughter of Starlo's Creamy Oreo & Starlo's Classic Sally

Gilli Buchman

We have had Gilli for about three months now, and he is just the best. He is just super smart and fun and loving. He is especially good at walking on his back legs. His other special talent is singing. Whenever I play the clarinet or piano, he just has to be there, howling to the music. Carolyn is taking him to training class so he will be good around other dogs. I've been training him to find and retrieve our cell phones when they ring. We take him on walks on the horse trails in Palos Verdes, but he is really an indoor dog. He loves to 'swim' on the carpet. He'll lay sideways and sort of stroke with his paws. He has three different beds that he lounges in. He'll lay his toys out in a perfectly straight line. He likes belly rubs any time.

Harold & Carolyn Buchman ~ Torrance, CA

May 2, 2007

Note: Gilli is the son of Starlo's Creamy Oreo & Starlo's Classic Sally

Gus 'n' Max Sewell

Hi,  Just a quick Max report.  He is flourishing and is a delight.  I thought you'd get a kick out of this picture of him and gus sleeping side by side. It looks like little Gus and big Gus.  They interact more each day.  No more doggie depression for Gus!  Must get back to work, but again, baby is well (eating two breakfasts a day---he is the classic chow hound) and much loved by us.  Fondly,


Cathy Sewell, Louisville,Kentucky

February 9, 2007

Abby Dillon

Abby is now 7.5 years old and we love her very much.  She is the greatest dog.   Do you remember her and us?  I've attached a photo; you'll see she's the prettiest of ALL the cockapoos you've turned out. We've moved up to Placerville, CA in the Sierra Foothills and we're building our retirement home and would like to have the puppy when we move in to our new home.   We're hoping to move in some time this fall, so I hope I'm giving us enough time to get on your waiting list.  We would like a puppy like Abby.   I know we can't determine the disposition, etc. but Abby weighs about 12 lbs and we would like a puppy that'll get no larger than that full grown.  And I love Abby's coat.  I'm so tempted to breed the new puppy once or twice, but probably won't; although I would like the opportunity to. I guess that would mean getting two puppies.  We have a neighbor that breeds Beagles, so I'm sure I would get lots of help from them.   

Judith Dillon

January 28, 2007

Jack Ferguson

Mike got home around 5:00 PM our time and the little guy definitely was a hit.  It took him maybe five minutes to not be scared and then he was checking everyone out.  Amy and (Jack) we think that's what we are going to call him, were going all over the house with Jack following Amy.  I've attached a couple of photos for you to see.  We'll be in touch.

Jill Ferguson

January 6, 2007

Starlo's Cha Cha

December 25, 2006

Murphy Wood just wonderful...a great companion and he loves everyone. He has a very large fan club from our mail ladies (who bring him treats!!) to neighbors and friends...and then especially family members who all try to steal him away! He is just a love! You could not ask for a finer puppy...he'll be two in Feb. Tell Trapper and Kewpie they couldn't have done better. We wish you all a Merry Christmas especially from our Christmas Valley pup,

Cheryl and Don Wood

December 3, 2006

Katie Ramirez


Just wanted to let you know I am doing fine down in LA...The weather is nice and I love to run around chasing my favorite ball!  I just turned one and have graduated from puppy kindergarten.  Hope to visit sometime.


Katie (Jamie's Pup)

Gus Sewell

He is a gorgeous boy...

Cathy Sewell, Kentucky - July 7, 2006

Tillie Samara

3rd Generation American Cockapoo. This is a pic of her just after she got back from the groomers.  She is doing really great and is smart as a whip!

Mark Samara, Los Angeles, CA

This is a nice photo of Mike he lives in Wa. he is a first generation. Darby.. she lives in WA.. she is a first generation..


Dublin.. she is a first generation.. she lives in CA... a second generation blk.wh male cockapoo.. his name is Oscar.. he lives in Sonora Ca
a first generation cockapoo.. her name is Darby Wendland.. she lives in Washington Sadie she is a first generation cockapoo.. she lives in Ca... this is a first generation choc.wh..tan female her name is Lacey.. she lives in Ca.. Gus.. he lives in Louisville Ky.. he is a first generation cockapoo.
Nelly is a first generation female who lives in Ca... Googlie Bear he lives in Wa... Oreo.. a first generation cockapoo puppy with his new family in Mass... Ms Julie Bean..a first generation female.. she lives in Ca... a chocolate/white. Cynthia2
Oscar was born 9/6/03, a blk/wh second generation male cockapoo - the son of Starlo’s Trapper Brown and Keisha of Starlo’s cockapoos. He is now living in Alameda, CA. Cynthia1 Molly, with her new friend, a blk/wh/female that is now in Ca... Molly, with her new friend, a blk/wh/female that is now in Ca... Pepper Flannagan, a second generation  female from CA This is a choc/wh second generation female that now lives in Paris France...:-) her name is Jeni
Miss Elle of Fairbanks AK, Murphy from Mercer Island SPIKE  7 1/2  - San Francisco  Fidji - A Black & White Male Millie, Manchester, WY Tianna 6 weeks  Tianna 10 weeks - Westlake Village, CA
Abby, Santa Cruz, CA Ruffles, 3 mos. Bend, OR Heidi, WA MISTY - Palos Verdes, CA Max, Flagstaff, AR LC - WASHINGTON DARBY Bigelow
HUEY - Everett, WA. BLUE BELLE & ELLIE, Fairbanks, Alaska Tuffy, Mt.Prospect, IL. Tianna, Westlake Village, CA Pokydokydot, Bend, OR ROCKY Leahy
Tianna, Westlake Village, CA Tianna, Westlake Village, CA Here is another wonderful photo of Ruffles.. she is a first generation  cockapoo. who lives in Bend Or..  This is Ruffles Rynolds.. she is a first generation living in Bend Oregon.. this is a photo of a first generation.. her name is Nelly. she lives in Ca..
here is a cute photo OF Googlie Bear he lives in Wa... :-) he is a first generation cockapoo. Clyde is a one year old male Starlos Cockapoo and will be a Stud for 2nd generation Cockapoos. Clyde is a one year old male Starlos Cockapoo and will be a Stud for 2nd generation Cockapoos. Kona, San Francisco, CA. 13 weeks old AsTheyGrow/2010xmas.jpg This is a great photo of cupi Doll and Nanny.. Cupi Doll moved to Georgia to live with the Danielson's Grandma.. a match made in heaven..:-)

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