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At Starlo's Kennel we strive to produce the finest quality 1st Generation CCA American Cockapoos by breeding AKC Registered Toy Poodle Sires to AKC Registered American Cocker Spaniel Dams.  Check out Starlo's Guarantee, Commitment, Statement and Safety RecommendationsDebbie Cowdrey


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Kazak lives in California with his family.  He is a 2nd generation black

'n' tan.  His doggie parents are Starlo's Opal 'n' Starlo's Trapper Brown.

Andres & Lily

December 28, 2008

Snoopy Vauce

Snoopy lives in Oregon with his family.  He is a first generation black

'n' tan.

Jim & Nancy Vauce

November 2, 2008


Baloo Nickolisen

Size means nothing to Baloo.  This is our cat Tonka.  Baloo enjoys playing with him.

Susie Nickolisen

November 26, 2006

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Curly J. Levine

Curly became a member of our family in April 2006, when he was 10 months old.  He adjusted very easily from life at the ranch to life in the Southern California suburbs!  Since he joined us, he has learned many words including "leash" "treat" "outside" "home" "potty" "crate", many commands, and the names of all of his "people"! He loves everybody and everybody loves him!  
Phyllis, Barry, Sarah and Andrew Levine

December 25, 2006

(Curly's brother, Baxter Baumeister is on the Black Cockapoo page)

Chlöe Johnson

     Chlöe is doing just great and has bonded to us. She is a quick learner, already knows "no bite" "Chlöe come" "no no". She hasn't caught on to how to let us know when she needs to go out yet but that will come.  Night routine is working good with the kennel training, she wakes me about 4-5 am and then goes back to sleep real easy. The kennel blanket and stuffed toy that you sent along works really well in calming her down when she needs to.

     We took her in the car with us Monday and she was fussy for about a mile when we realized that she might need her security blanket so we came back to the house and got it for her and that settled her down for the rest of the ride. Took her to our Vet Friday and he gave her a clean bill of health, gets her third shots this Friday. We love her to death and wouldn't part with her for anything.

Penni & Bob, WA - July 16, 2006

     Chlöe is a wiz kid, real smart.  She and Penni have gone to 6 weeks of puppy kindergarten, mostly for Penni's education on how to train a puppy.  Chlöe goes to the vet tomorrow to have her spayed.  We wanted to do this before middle of October as we are taking a mini vacation to Vancouver Island and the puppy gets to go with us.  So far she has turned out to be a good traveler.

Bob Johnson, Vancouver, WA - September 20, 2006

     Merry Christmas, Chöe is 12 pounds now at 9 months.

Bob & Penni Johnson, Vancouver, WA

December 18, 2006


Sookie Coe

Boone.. he lives in Ca.. he is a second generation black/tan male..     here is a pretty good photo of Raisin.. He lives in CA..   Murphy.. he is  a first generation living in Ca..   JOEY -Redmond, WA

           Boone                   Ray              Murphy           Joey        

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