About Starlo's Cockapoos...


...nestled on the high desert known as the Great Basin Desert, in Christmas Valley, Oregon, Starlos Ranch is the home of Starlo's Cockapoos.  "We love it here in God's Country.  Breeding the finest Cockapoos and AKC Cocker Spaniels is my passion while my husband, of 35 wonderful years, breeds Registered Scottish Highland Cattle.  We love our life in the country and thank God for blessing us with a daughter who has been our right hand, both at the kennels and on the ranch.  Thank you Darla Gene for all your help throughout the years!!!" ~ Debbie Cowdrey

Debbie has been breeding since 1985.  She insists that each and every Cocker Spaniel, Cockapoo and Poodle in her kennel be examined and up-to-date on their certifications with AKC, CERF, & OFA, therefore guaranteeing that her puppies are the best.  Starlos Cockapoos has been in the news since 2005, with Starlo's Cockapoos pictured in Weight Watchers, shown on TV, and published in two books, A Kennel Club Books' Designer Dog Series "Cockapoo" by Mary D. Foley & Animal Planet's "Designer Dogs" by Tammy Gagne.  Celebrities such as Gov. Arnold Swartzneggar and his wife Maria Shriver enjoy the companionship of Starlo's Cockapoos.


Starlo's Guarantee...

Starlo's Cockapoos guarantees to produce only the best puppies.  


Starlo's American Cockapoos Statement...

At Starlo's Kennels we breed AKC registered American Cocker Spaniel dams and AKC registered Toy Poodle sires chosen for excellent health and temperament to produce only the finest quality American Cockapoo.  Our goal is to provide you with the perfect companion pet.  We are working on breeding down the generations of Cockapoos.  So, in the future, we will be breeding first, second, third and fourth generation Cockapoos

Every twelve months, all of our dams and sires have their eyes examined and certified free of genetic eye disease by CERF (the Canine Eye Registration Foundation), to insure healthy eyes for your beloved pet.

We certify our dogs to be free of genetic Patellar Luxation with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).  Our dam and sires registered names, AKC registration numbers or OFA ID numbers are available upon request for verification through the OFA website.

Each Starlo's Cockapoo puppy comes with supporting AKC registration documents on the dams' and sires' eyes, OFA documents on the dams' and sires' patellas, and a one year health guarantee that your puppy will be free of life threatening defects.

Debbie Cowdrey...Owner/Breeder of Starlo's Cockapoos

CERF | Cockapoo Club  | OFA



Starlo's Commitment...

Our goal is to provide you with a perfect companion pet. We are working towards helping the Cockapoo become a recognized breed. So in the future we will be breeding 1st and 2nd generation Cockapoo offspring to the fourth generation.


Starlo's Safety Recommendation...

All of our Starlos Sires & Dams are identifiable by microchip, the puppies are not.  If you decide to microchip your Starlo's puppy, we recommend waiting until your puppy is spayed or neutered at 6 months.  This way the microchip will be implanted under anesthesia.  If your Starlo's puppy gets lost, the Animal Shelter or a Veterinarian can scan your pup, retrieve the identification information, and return him or her to you.  It's a way to help keep your beloved pet safe. 




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